Fiberglass Insect Mesh

Fiberglass insect Mesh

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Fiberglass Insect Mesh

Fiberglass Screen MeshFiberglass Screen MeshFiberglass Screen Mesh


Fiberglass mosquito nets are also called Invisible Window Screens and Anti Mosquito Insect Screen. It is one of our leading products. Fiberglass screens are made of glass fiber yarn, plain weaving and high-temperature fixing ensuring their beauty, flexibility, and corrosion resistance. It is widely used for screen doors and windows, home designs, and building materials for mosquito prevention, insect resistance, and ventilation.

Fiberglass Window Screen’s advantage is lightweight and good toughness, strong tension, not out of shape, long service life, and feels straight. The mesh size of fiberglass window screens is small enough to prevent mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects from entering, but allows light wind and natural light in. The popular colors of gray and black make vision more comfortable and natural, it has a graceful and generous appearance. 

The PVC coating not only makes the material soft and easy to handle, but it also helps the mesh to blend in with the background. Therefore, this product is the ideal option for discreet insect protection. In general, it is easy to install and suitable for almost all climatic conditions, so it is the most popular choice.


Product name Fiberglass Insect Window Screen (SOFT & STIFF QUALITY)
Material Fiberglass Yarn+PVC Coated
Mesh size 20×20 / 18×16 / 17×15 / 17×14 / 16×14 / 14×12, etc.(As you require)
Yarn diameter 0.25~0.29 ±0.02mm, as required
Composition Fiberglass 38%, PVC 62%
Thickness 0.25mm~0.29mm, as requires
Features Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof, Lightweight, Good toughness.
Roll length 30m ~ 900m, as required



fiberglass mosquito net


The production process of  Fiberglass mosquito nets includes the following processes:

Wire Drawing–>PVC Coating–>Wire Collating–>Weaving–>High Temperature Finalizing–>Mesh rolling–>Mesh Testing–>Fish production–>Loading containers



Woven Bag Package: about 100000 m2 per 20GP; about 220000 m2 per 40HC;

Carton Package: about 75000 m2 per 20GP; about 170000 m2 per 40HC;



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