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High-quality Insect Screen Mesh High-quality Insect Screen Mesh

High-quality Insect Screen Mesh



Hiking Screen is the leading manufacturer in China dedicated in supplying one-stop window screen mesh products to worldwide customers. Our products include fiberglass insect screen mesh, pleated screen mesh, anti pollen mesh, pet screen mesh, pleated screen window/door, roll up screen window, magnetic screen window/door, etc. These products are widely used in commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial fields. We have exported window screen mesh products to Poland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, India, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Ecuador, Chile, etc. in recent years. Professional service, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our long term commitment to our partners.

Fiberglass Insect Screen MeshProductsFiberglass Insect Screen Mesh

Fiberglass Insect Mesh can also be called invisible window screen and Anti Mosquito, Insect Screen. This products is manufactured with fiberglass filaments using international weaving technology. Manufacturing processes include vinyl coating, plain weaving and high temperature setting. It can effectively block mosquitoes.

Pleated Screen MeshProductsPleated Screen Mesh

Pleated Mesh screens are convenient and allow compact storage through a pleated mesh and the unique tension system. This was developed to meet the needs of customers who want to make window frames simpler. Users can quickly slide out the screen when necessary and can store it simply when not in use.

Pet Screen MeshProductsPet Screen Mesh

Pet mesh fabric is made from heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester, seven times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh. It is designed to balance insect protection, sun screening, air flow, visibility, and extra strength protection from pets and animals. It is made from stronger materials, capable of resisting pets' scratching and chewing.

Retractable Pleated Screen WindowProductsRetractable Pleated Screen Window

Our retractable pleated screen windows are crafted with precision using durable aluminum frames, pleated mesh, and convenient retractable mechanisms. The aluminum frame provides strength and stability, while the pleated mesh offers excellent visibility and insect protection.It can be customized according to customer requirements.

Retractable Pleated Screen DoorProductsRetractable Pleated Screen Door

With a focus on versatility, our screen door can be customized to suit various configurations, including single or double door openings, as well as vertical or horizontal orientations. Whether you require insect screen protection only or seek additional features such as honeycomb blackout, our product caters to your specific needs.

Roll Up Screen WindowProductsRoll Up Screen Window

The Retractable Insect Screen Window boasts a longer service life, allowing for frequent replacements when needed. It effectively shields you from mosquitoes and other pests, ensuring a comfortable living environment. If you're interested, we can provide samples for testing to showcase the product's effectiveness firsthand.

Magnetic Screen DoorProductsMagnetic Screen Door

Magnetic screen doors are designed like a curtain that fits around your door frame, for hands-free opening and closing with a magnetic strip in the center. Magnetic Mesh Screen Door lets family and friends in, while keeping bugs out. Magic Mesh fits in both standard and sliding door frames and "magically" snaps shut behind you.

Anti Pollen meshProductsAnti Pollen mesh

The Anti-Pollen Screen Mesh is crafted from lightweight polyester material, featuring an exceptionally fine mesh that effectively traps various types of pollen, providing protection for individuals with allergies. Its advanced design allows it to absorb pollen particles, helping to create a pollen-free environment indoors.

Aluminium Wire MeshProductsAluminium Wire Mesh

aluminum mesh screens are universal and durable, can be used for windows, doors, porches. If you are worried about windows being aged or broken by branches outside, aluminum is a good choice. Aluminum screen mesh is very suitable for use in corrosive and humid environments.