Aluminium Wire Mesh

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Aluminium Wire Mesh

aluminium wire meshaluminium wire meshaluminium wire mesh


Aluminum screen mesh is the most economical type of woven wire mesh window screen. It is made of aluminum magnesium alloy wire. The aluminum window screen has an original color of silvery bright. However, after epoxy coating treatment, it can be customized into various colors such as black, gray, white, green, etc. You can choose from a variety of colors to make your house beautiful. This means you don’t need to sacrifice appearance for durability. With various materials, the window screen has outstanding resistance to corrosion, rust, heat, acid, and alkali. Window screen is widely seen and used in our daily life. It can be used in residences, hotels, villas, and other places for preventing mosquitoes and other insects from entering the house. Aluminum screen mesh is very suitable for use in corrosive and humid environments. Therefore, it can withstand all kinds of bad weather. Its service life is much longer than that of fiberglass mesh. It can be maintained for 30 years if it is in good condition.

We can provide different weaves to meet different applications. The weave styles mainly depend on the mesh and wire diameter specifications of the weave mesh. Woven wire mesh or woven wire cloth is produced by machine. It is similar to the process of weaving clothing, but it is made of wire. The metal mesh can be woven in different ways, such as plain dutch weave, twill weave, twill dutch, and so on. Its purpose is to produce solid and reliable products to meet various complex application environments. High-precision technology makes the production cost of woven wire mesh higher, but it also has a very wide range of uses.


Product Name Aluminum Screen Mesh
Material Aluminum wire
Color Silver, Black, Green and Charcoal, etc
Mesh 18×16, 16×16, 14×14, customized
Wire Diameter 0.21mm-0.38mm, customized
Width 0.5-1.5m, customized
Length 25m, 30m, 50m, 100m, customized
Weave Plain weave, twill weave
Package Woven bag, carton, pallet or at customer’s requirement


  • Resistance to the corrosion and rust.
  • Resistance the acid and alkali.
  • High tensile and durability. Compared with plastic window screen, metal window screen has excellent high tensile and durability, which can assure the long service life.
  • Small aperture size can prevent almost all insects from entering the house.
  • Good air-flow. The appropriate opening window screen can ensure the movement of the air.
  • Beautiful surface.
  • Prevention to the thieves and intruders.




  • Aluminum window screen is mainly used as windows, doors, porch screens, patio screens, and pool screens in residences, hotels, and other places.
  • Aluminum window screen has outstanding resistance to salt, so it is ideal for coastal areas to prevent insects from entering the house.
  • Aluminum window screens can be used in security places to stop thieves and intruders from entering the house.


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