Roll Up Screen Window

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Roll Up Screen Window

Our Roll Up Insect Screen Window are designed to provide protection from insects during the summer months. It is composed of high-quality aluminum profiles, durable fiberglass mesh, and essential plastic accessories.

The Retractable Insect Screen Window boasts a longer service life, allowing for frequent replacements when needed. It effectively shields you from mosquitoes and other pests, ensuring a comfortable living environment. If you're interested, we can provide samples for testing to showcase the product's effectiveness firsthand.

key advantages:

  • Customizable Options: Available in various sizes and colors, the Roll Up Screen Window can be customized to fit different window dimensions and match the aesthetic of your home.
  • Easy to use: Equipped with a handle and pull cord, you can easily open and close the window screen.
  • Self-cleaning brush: Self-cleaning brush for the mesh screen, which cleans the mesh screen every time it opens and closes, preventing debris and dust from accumulating.


Our roll up insect screens are composed of sturdy thickened aluminum, high-transparency mesh, and eco-friendly plastic accessories. They offer advantages such as mosquito and insect protection, easy installation, and excellent ventilation. Additionally, we support a wide range of color options and can customize sizes according to customer requirements.


Product Item Roll Up Screen Window
Gauze material Fiberglass
Materials Aluminum profiles ,Nylon plastic accessories ,Fiberglass screen net
Sizes 80x160cm
other sizes
Max size 150(W)x220(H)cm
Colors White / Brown / Black / Ivory / Non-color/other colors you want
Sale mode Semi-finished materials / Fixed Size





  • Space-saving Design: The roll-up mechanism allows you to retract the screen when not in use, maximizing your usable space.
  • Effective Insect Protection: Keep insects and pests out while enjoying fresh air with the durable mesh screen.
  • Customizable Options: Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to match your home's decor and window dimensions.
  • Easy Installation: The screen can be easily installed on different types of windows, making it a hassle-free addition to your home.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the Roll Up Screen Window is built to last and withstand outdoor elements.

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