18×14 Fiberglass Mesh Screens

18x14 Fiberglass Mesh Screens

18×14 Fiberglass Mesh Screens

Explore our range of fiberglass pool and patio screens, ideal for keeping pesky insects at bay while you relax outdoors. Crafted to withstand windblown debris and provide reliable protection against most bugs, our screens offer a durable solution for your outdoor space.

Our Pool and Patio Insect Screening is specifically engineered for large openings, ensuring extra strength where it's needed most. It's the trusted choice for patio and pool enclosures, designed to deliver robust performance and lasting durability.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with our fiberglass screens, offering both functionality and sophistication for your pool or patio area.

Product advantages:

  • Excellent visibility
  • Will not shrink, rust or dent
  • Flame retardant, longer durable time
  • Absolutely straight line as for warp yarn and weft yarn
  • Without any dark yarn or light yarn


HikingScreen is the premier supplier of fiberglass insect screening materials tailored for pool and patio enclosures in China. Our signature 18 X14 and 20X20 mesh variations are meticulously engineered to meet the unique requirements of pool cage applications, emphasizing exceptional strength, unparalleled small insect prevention, and effective mitigation of wind-blown debris.

Manufactured with precision in China, HikingScreen's Pool and Patio insect screening epitomizes durability and longevity. Each screen is intricately woven from top-quality permanent glass yarn, ensuring unmatched robustness and resilience. Moreover, our screens are coated with a protective vinyl layer, ensuring enduring beauty, vibrant color retention, and remarkable flexibility even in the most challenging weather conditions.


Product name fiberglass pool and patio screen
Material Fiberglass Yarn+PVC Coated
Mesh size 18x14 / 17x13
Yarn diameter 0.32mm ±0.02mm, as required
Composition Fiberglass 38%, PVC 62%
Thickness 0.25mm~0.29mm, as requires
Weight 150g-170g/㎡
Features Waterproof, Fireproof, Dustproof, Lightweight, Good toughness.
Roll width 60cm-300cm/18in-84in
Roll length 10m-300m/50ft-600ft
Color White, grey, black, green, brown etc.
Application Patio door, swimming pool

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Our screen mesh are increasing in popularity both locally in China as well as internationally.

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