Printed Pleated Window Screen

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Printed Pleated Window Screen

Printed Pleated Window ScreenPrinted Pleated Window ScreenPrinted Pleated Window Screen


Printed Pleated Window Screen is different from the traditional all kinds of screen. It adopts imported equipment and by special craft processing formation. In the process of pulling, the dust of the net yarn drop out automatically. It has beautiful and elegant net form, with decoration, saving space, automatic cleaning function, well insect-resistant and good air liquidity.

Polyester folding window screen, is commonly used among various screens nowadays. It has pleated surface with same folding width, forming fashionable organ-style, which adds a sense of elegance and fashion for your home or public places. It prevents insects from entering the room as the square opening is small enough and it is strong enough to avoid deformation or damage.


Product Name Printed Pleated Window Screen
Material Polyester, PP
Mesh Size 18×16/20×20
Weight 55-100g per square meter
Width 2m-3m
Length  30m, as required
Folding height 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm
Color Black, Grey, Printed colors
Package Shrink film, 5pcs per carton
20GP container About 60000 square meters
40HC container About 170000 square meters


  • Be freely positioned in the guide.
  • No spring works, handle stays where you leave and never slams back.
  • Totally reversible. It can be mounted on either left or right side of your door.
  • Can stop anywhere when sliding
  • Strong cord keep high using age at least 5 years
  • High grade aluminium profile, plissee mesh screenand plastic accessories meet European Reach environmental standard


Printed Pleated Window Screen

Printed Pleated Window ScreenPrinted Pleated Window Screen


Mainly used in high grade office buildings, residential and various construction,livestock farms, orchards.

Printed Pleated Window ScreenPrinted Pleated Window Screen



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